About Us

What Does the River Valley Resilience Retreat Hope to Achieve?

  We want to create a safe space for responders and families to Rest, Recover, and Learn resilience tools. This will be done through nature settings, peers, other professionals. We also include horses to help move towards post-traumatic growth, more joy in life, work, and social relationships. Our goal is to provide a safe surreal space that promotes support, acceptance, resilience, rest. through these means, we will foster post-traumatic growth that will allow "first response" individuals to once again feel productive. Responders will feel protected, understood, empowered, and equipped they will again be resolution oriented, and more self-reliant on their own abilities to move through work/home trauma.  By fulfilling all these objectives, Responders will be better equipped to not allow these feelings to compound or manifest before they are able to compound into devastating situations.

How Are We Going To Do This?


 We have successfully started and continue to maintain an established Peer Support Weekly (in-person group) called What’s Important Now W.I.N  All Veterans and all First Responders are welcome to attend. Peer support is offered by trained Peer Leaders and volunteers. We also provide Peer support through text, zoom, phone, and on a one-on-one basis. We continue to provide personal peer and professional advocacy through many layers of paperwork, mental health appointments, and assistance in orientating the bureaucratic parts of the "Operational Stress Injury". We assist spouses and families by peer partnering them up with a person with personal experience to support the entire family.  We encourage listening, sharing experiences, and tools to build resilience and assist post-traumatic growth. We have successfully utilized an excellent personalized program from our Demographic at Cartier’s Equine Assisted Learning facility. We are very proud of this partnership and the success it has brought to those we have referred. It is our goal to have this service on-site in the near future. With a combination of peers, nature, horses, post-traumatic growth tools, rest, and support from those who understand what our clientele are facing, our goal is resiliency, strength, for the responder and the ability to overcome and move forward.