Why is a Responder Retreat needed in our area?

Public Safety Personnel (PSP) are always the first on the scene. We all know one, or have had the need for one.

OSI or "Operational Stress Injury",  and "Post Traumatic Stress Injury", are mental health issues that are very real to PSPs and Veterans alike.
Unfortunately, the repercussions can be very severe for the responder and their families.

  An "Operational Stress Injury" (OSI) is any constant psychological problem resulting from operational duties performed while serving in the Canadian Forces (CF) or as a member of the RCMP. This is a brief description but also very applicable to first PSPs.

  "Post Traumatic Stress Injury" can affect anyone. From an event that happened yesterday to something that may have occurred long ago in the past.  People can relive the incident and how it affected them over and over. 
  Withdrawal, insomnia, no appetite, and no desire for social interaction are just a few. In severe cases, the trauma can become so bad that suicide becomes an option. This is becoming a growing trend among PSPs.
  We provide the opportunity to rest among peers, and to participate in activities like Equine Assisted Learning and other activities. We provide the tools needed for our patrons to cope and adapt when they return to their normal lives.